“This journey for me all started by buying Dr. Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code®, because of a horse. I read the book, played with it, and saw a difference on the horse. I also used The Emotion Code on another horse of mine named Skittles, and have seen drastic improvement in her spookiness and agitation. She is much calmer than she was.

Using The Emotion Code to relieve people’s discomforts has been fun to be able to do as well. I was so happy to hear that the little boy, Matt, who is on the autistic spectrum and living halfway around the world from me, got relief from a couple of Emotion Code® sessions I did on him. He still has some anxiousness and low self-esteem, but his ability to self-regulate improved quite a bit. His dad, who is a doctor by profession, was understandably skeptical, but said that there has definitely been a shift on his son! I will keep working on him!”

~Linda Smith, Canada

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