“The very young Ms. J. experienced an absolute breakthrough after the removal of her Heart-Wall®, which actually looked like a complete ‘reset!’ In other words, she is just rediscovering herself, naturally losing several excess pounds fairly quickly, and shining from the inside like she has not for years. She can finally discover her female body and start enjoying it. A wonderful new path has begun for her. She is already looking forward to removing more trapped emotions.

“In another young woman, the loosening of the wall of her heart gave her an absolutely new feeling and a new perception of her own feelings about sexuality. She said, “For the first time in my life, I can feel that I have feelings at all…” What a wonderful gift!

“A. feels very liberated and light as a feather after her complete Heart-Wall resolution. The love that was in the room during and after the session, the truly unconditional love, is the greatest gift that one can feel. She was allowed to release her deeply rooted emotions through the wonderful treatment of the Emotion Code®, for which she is infinitely grateful.”

~Jacqueline G., Täuffelen, Switzerland

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