“A few years ago, I was walking in a city park in Colorado Springs with a friend. I had my blind cocker spaniel on a leash with us. We had gone to the end of the trail, crossed a bridge, and were heading back to our cars, when all of a sudden, the whole top half of my body was being pulled forward! I was so glad that my friend was with me, as I didn’t think anyone would believe me! The pulling continued to get stronger, and I started running to keep up, but ultimately realized I was going to fall, so I headed to the weeds at the side of the trail, rather than fall on crushed rock. I did fall, and was in a little bit of shock for a few minutes, but then got up and we walked back to our cars. The joint at the top of my left leg was hurting, but otherwise I was fine. I figured no big deal! I’d go home, open the Body Code®, and be done with it.

“Well, not exactly… I attempted that, but it didn’t help. I figured the injury had just happened, and I’d take care of it in the next few days. After 10 days, it was still an issue, and I don’t think that entities ever came up with muscle testing, but I was a fairly new practitioner. It finally occurred to me to ask about entities, and yes, there was an entity attached to that joint. The minute I ran the magnets to send it away, the pain was gone! Good lesson for ‘try it on anything’. I had been, but obviously hadn’t dug deeply enough.”

~Barbara Tharp, Colorado, USA

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