The Emotion Code (TEC) forms an essential component of The Body Code (TBC) and is, without doubt, significant enough to use in its own right however, I am often asked by people who have read about, or even used TEC what it is that makes TBC so different.
Structured to allow identification of the body system that is imbalanced and the protocol is to track this back to the underlying energies that are the cause of the imbalance. In addition to Trapped Emotions and Psychic Traumas that can be identified using the energies familiar to users of The Emotion Code there are a significant number of other that can cause imbalance.

Below I have listed the elements identified in The Body Code 2.0 that, in my experience, provide an “end point” (i.e. they often don’t have an underlying Trapped Emotion causing them).

• Post Traumatic
• Physical Trauma
• Inflammation
• Miasm
• Offensive
• Cording
• Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
• Saboteurs
• Entities
• Curses
• Mental Energies
• Memory Fields
• Images
• Despair Anchors
• Broadcast messages
• Will to Die
• No Will to Live
• Addictive Heart Energy
• Allergies and Intolerances
• Emotional Resonances
• Toxicity
• Excesses
• The Six Pernicious Influences
• Stress Hormones
• Metabolic Waste
• Free Radicals
• Heavy Metals
• Chemicals
• Environmental
• Recreational Drugs
• Medical Drugs
• Food Additives
• Microbial
• Dental
• Prions
• Electromagnetic Spectrum
• Pathogens
• Mould
• Bacteria
• Viral
• Fungal
• Parasites
• Nutrition and Lifestyle
• Colour deficiency
• Deficiencies or excesses of Foods, Herbs or Nutrients
• Physical and Spiritual Malnutrition

In addition to all of the energies listed above, there are comprehensive indicators for other physical and energy modalities which would be beneficial in supporting an individual’s needs thereby allowing their subconscious to map out the ideal requirements for healing.

If you are wondering why I haven’t included anything from the Circuits and Systems or Misalignments areas this is because the underlying cause of everything in these areas can be tracked back to either Trapped Emotions or one of the areas listed above.
In my practice I estimate that half of the imbalances I identify have Trapped Emotions as the underlying cause and the other half are from one of the areas listed above of which about half (i.e. 25% of all root causes) are from Toxicity. Other practitioners may have different experiences and I believe this is because we all attract clients who in some way resonate with us so perhaps my analysis reflects my own vibrations.

I am not, in any way, belittling the power of The Emotion Code; nothing else is needed to clear Heart-Walls and, before I trained in The Body Code, the people and animals I did Emotion Code sessions with saw dramatic improvements in physical and emotional pain. If they remained pain-free then ‘job done’. For those however, that found their symptoms returning, being able to offer The Body Code as the next step has allowed significantly greater chances to clear a far wider range of imbalances. Could I have done any of this without the foundation knowledge provided from The Emotion Code training? Absolutely not. However, ask me whether I feel I have gained from my investment of both money and time in The Body Code System and my answer is a resounding ‘YES’.
END NOTE: I hope this article encourages some readers to take the decision to get The Body Code, a few weeks ago Dr Brad announced that the 100th Body Code practitioner had just been certified. That’s 100 across the whole Globe which sounds less than the proverbial ‘drop in the ocean’ to me. If 100 practitioners are working with 7 clients a day for 48 weeks in a year that is only 168,000 client sessions a year and perhaps something like 15,000 clients. Out of a global population of around 7 billion we have a way to go to reach out to everyone! By the way, I am not on Healers Library staff and gain nothing financially from making these statements. They come from my desire to allow the world to heal, one person at a time!

Hazel Markou, CECP/CBCP