Charan Surdhar presents us with an inspiring poem and video about The Emotion Code featuring a wonderful poem inspired by The Emotion Code. Charan sent over some notes below on the inspiration for the poem and the video.

“I was inspired to make this new video from a poem that a friend of mine had written after reading The Emotion Code. In this poem she refers to the pain of having a Heart-Wall, and the joy when we have no Heart-Wall. It’s beautiful.”

Many of us are experiencing situations in which we are being made to look at what is in the way of us expressing our authentic heart…

Here’s a poem by a beautiful soul…Sangeeta Bhagwat, an author and poet, that allows you to experience the journey from facing up to these situations and then to releasing them…..BEing free…..

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Bring Down the Walls…

I had a faint memory
Of having a heart
Like a blossoming rosebud
Opening slowly, gentler everyday
But before I knew what had happened
It became a mimosa instead
The pain of bewilderment,
Loss, love denied…
Each wound leaving a new scar
Till only scabs remained behind
Forming a thick impenetrable wall
That kept others out and me safe
Locked in my own trap of hurts
For too long,
Sadness reigned.

Then there came a time
When the rose was only an unreal dream
And no awareness was left
Of who I really was
And how stifled was my being
But then, by grace, a crack appeared
And for a moment
A doorway opened
In panic and fear I slammed it shut
My hands stuck in the way
Neither free nor imprisoned
In deep suffering I remained
Until the pain grew sharp enough
To carve a sliver of light

And the crack became wide enough
For me to realize…
With more courage than I thought I had
I finally let it go,
Every brick of betrayal,
Every tear stained stone
Lo behold, I was free once more
Light came streaming in…
This time the tears are of gratitude
The heart wall collapsed from within
Love flows freely again
The heart is finally allowed to sing.

Copyright Sangeeta Bhagwat 2012

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