“This story is about a domesticated cat that got dumped off 30 miles out in the country to fend for himself. I was visiting family out of state when one morning a stray cat appeared in the garage meowing non-stop. He had run my daughter’s cat off and definitely wanted some attention and food. This cat meowed all day and night. Even while we were sleeping, we heard him outside meowing.

“It annoyed my daughter’s boyfriend and he wanted to get rid of the cat, but I asked him to let me do an Emotion Code® session on the cat and told him I would be happy to take the cat home with me so we agreed. I did an Emotion Code session on the cat the next morning and later that day when I was outside I noticed that the cat had stopped meowing. It was so nice to have a quiet cat for the last two days I stayed there.

“I packed the cat up to bring him home and wondered how he would do on the 11 hour car ride home. Well you will never guess what happened, not one sound came from the carrier he was riding in. That was amazing and very enjoyable not having to hear a cat meow while driving that long of a distance.

“Once home I was a little concerned about him being outside since I have quite a few stray cats around my property. I didn’t need to worry. I have since named the cat Paws, and he has never once even tried to fight with the other cats and he even gets along with all the different dogs I have in my house from my pet sitting business. I have never seen such a dramatic difference in an animal after doing just one Emotion Code session. I am so grateful for the opportunity to not only work on people but animals.”

~Kim Dornbush, California, USA