Working with Animals

A Body Code Cat Rescue

I knew immediately to use Body Code technology on Kia. She allowed me to access her unconscious animal nature, helping me understand that the slip into the tub, and particularly falling against the faucet, had injured her sacrum and lower lumbar L5, pubic bone, chest and sternum. In addition, she suffered the emotional impact of terror, insecurity, self-abuse and low self-esteem which were the result of the literal fall from grace she experienced that night.

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Equine Love

there was the emotion of 'disgust' having to do with a horse that Blythe was having trouble with. Blythe also had the emotion of 'unworthy'. When we determined that the emotion got trapped at around age 11, the owners eyes began to swell up with tears. She told me that this was the time when she tried to sell Blythe. She never knew that her horse thought that she was no longer wanted.

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