Did you know that having imbalanced chakras can cause physical and emotional ailments?

Have you ever found yourself feeling “off” but couldn’t determine the precise cause? As you and others who’ve felt this way know, being inexplicably moody, sad, uncomfortable, or in pain is upsetting. The next time you find yourself feeling “off,” instead of just fighting through the pain and bearing uneasy emotions, consider the possibility of how misguided or lodged energies could be at play.

The energies that run through our bodies powerfully bind with our subconscious to maintain balance in our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. In order to stay balanced, the energy is directed through seven key centers of your body, or “chakras.” When energies are blocked, hindered, or altered in any way, it can cause chakras to become unbalanced, which often results in negative side effects that are difficult to explain.

Take the quick, easy, and accurate chakra test to find out if your chakras are out of balance.

If you’d like to learn more about the different chakras and the effects they have on the body, try out our interactive chakra chart that gives more details on each chakra.