We’ve asked our Practitioners where they see the future of Energy Medicine headed. Their answers are very telling. How about you? Where do you see the future of Energy Medicine headed?

“I believe the medical field will collapse because of the politics behind it. But I also believe God had a bigger plan than any of us can see. We will need to rely on Him and His love and the healing powers of our Savior if we want true healing. I believe we all have the innate gift of healing ourselves and others. We just have to unlock our potential.” – Lakel Permann

“There is greater and greater awareness of energy medicine – I feel that we are entering a time where it will become more and more mainstream. It’s exciting to think that energy medicine could start to become the go to method over taking pharmaceuticals. That’s the vision I hold!!” – Moira Hutchison

“Energy medicine is bringing us back to connect with our innate wisdom – inner healer. We all know that our body has the amazing ability to heal itself when we provide the environment. This is what energy medicine does. It creates the space for our body to heal, our mind to calm down and our spirit to shine. Western Medicine is amazing when it comes to emergency and “fixing” the broken body but the energy medicine is inevitable in keeping the body HEALTHY and living the life of your dreams. The Emotion Code allows you to connect with the real, true essence of who you are and is it not what we all came here for? To discover and BE who we truly are? I also see energy medicine as wonderful tool for prevention. Using it every day as part of a daily routine (like taking a shower) and combining with a healthy lifestyle can definitely prevent us from getting serious illnesses. My dream is to teach children and teenagers to use The Emotion Code on themselves so they don’t have to carry the emotional baggage like what their parents did.” – Monika Wyss

“The scientists come closer and closer to the conclusion that there is more than medicine and surgery to cure people, and there is often a mental or emotional cause of the illness.” – Stephanie Rakow

“With the shortage of M.D.s coming, holistic integrative medicine will be necessary to treat illness. The Emotion Code is one of the important modalities that must be used to help reduce the need for Western medicine and drug treatment.” – Philip C. La Puma

“Energy Medicine will be recognized and used much more. If we think about mobiles and electricity for example – with electricity in the beginning people were skeptical. It was even thought as evil. Over time people realized how useful it is. So it was accepted. Yet if you think about it, you turn a light off but the energy/vibration is still there but you can’t see it, and likewise with a television, all the channels play at the same time, but you only watch one at a time. With the gift of The Emotion Code people will learn to understand their bodies and understand how it works with energy. They will also recognise how important it is to let go of experiences that don’t make your heart sing. The Emotion Code makes your heart sing, brings a smile to your face, and is needed in every home. I feel energy medicine will be the first choice before reaching for a pill.” – Beth Foley

“Myself and others feel there is room for more alternative medicine in our society. It goes together very well with western medicine, with less PILLS. I feel at some point the AMA will get over its deep seated ‘FEAR’ of alternative healthcare and the two will integrate more, as the world continues to vibrate at a higher rate, people will understand and just KNOW more naturally. Too many people today are hooked on medication and looking to someone other than themselves for the ‘responsibility’ of their health care, rather than looking ‘within’. Too many people are on medications with so many side effects that require other medications and the spiral begins. So many of the alternative medicines/modalities are wonderful and gentle healers of the body, mind and spirit. As Healers we just need to continue to work to get the word out to the world.” – Phyllis Mains

“The future of energy medicine is bright! All of us are becoming more aware that everything is energy and that healing is possible, probable and doesn’t have to be difficult or take a long time. I love this future!” – Jennifer Legge

“The Emotion Code/Body Code already has its place in our society complementing what western medicine does so well. It is making mainstream therapies work better! And of course, it stands alone as leading the way as a powerful, and accessible therapy for all!” – Janet Riganti

“I believe that we will be using energy medicine almost exclusively in the future. It has suddenly become possible to deal with issues almost immediately in a session or two. Whereas in the past, this took months and a lot of concentrated effort. Energy medicine makes it “easy” to move blockages and is wonderfully effective. As the population catches onto this, I believe that we will see a lot more people “healing themselves” and no longer turning to medications.” – Gwen B. Rietze

“The future of energy medicine is just starting. There is a big future for energy medicine and specifically for The Emotion Code and The Body Code as awareness is rising.” – Angelica Amaral