The Body Code™! I strongly believe everyone should have a copy of this book in their household. This has been my go-to for anything lately. There are so many benefits I’ve had from the Body Code method, wow! It’s by far the easiest way to self-balance, and the most noninvasive when wanting to work with others.

“One day my boyfriend came home from work with pain in his stomach. He was visibly stressed out and agitated. I offered to use the Body Code in order to identify what was causing his state. He was talking about how horrible one of his colleagues had been and how he dreaded facing that person again. I pulled out the Body Code, discovered the root of his issue (an unhealthy energy cording with that colleague), then did a few more corrections. It all lasted about twenty minutes, and after that he was able to sit down and enjoy the evening. Next time he met the colleague, the sensation in his stomach was gone.

“For me, one of the most fascinating revelations from the Body Code is that we can actually identify the energy of a virus and release it from our body. And that makes so much sense after all – we are in command of all that we are. Each time I had the incipient symptoms of a viral situation, I used the Body Code to identify it, then released it and helped my body with anything else it needed (herbs, tea, proper sleep). Amazingly, a cold does not have to last a week or more to pass through my body. Usually the symptoms go away within hours.

“I am grateful for the Body Code and the Emotion Code®. It’s such an amazing and accessible gift to all of us!”

~Laura Hergane, Texas, USA

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