Valentine’s Day is coming up, everywhere you look cards are in shops, and paper red hearts abound. For some of you this may be a time to buy your loved ones a gift, or, perhaps you may be feeling disheartened by the whole Valentine’s Day occasion?

My point is not to sell Valentine’s Day to you, but to bring up the emotions that we have around love and relationships at this time of year.

“Emotions” is the key word of here. Did you know that approximately 93% of people have what is called a Heart-Wall? A Heart-Wall is made up of trapped emotions. Emotions are energy, just like our organs, glands and cells. When we experience emotional situations in our life, we can, on a subconscious level, “trap” these emotions around the heart in order to protect ourselves. The problem is that once the emotions are trapped and we are no longer in the situation that created the emotions, we are then left with a Heart-Wall.

Why is this important? Because the heart is where we radiate our authenticity from. It is also where we express ourselves from and where we receive love too. Having a Heart-Wall can create a filter through which we receive and express love.

The Heart-Wall can be a huge contributing factor when we experience trouble finding love, or a mate in our life. Why? Because, if we are perceiving the world from the heart and there are emotions such as grief, feeling worthless, or unworthy around the heart, then we “see” the world through these emotions and receive through them to our heart too. This inhibits us from being present in our authentic heart space.

Your Heart-Wall can be easily removed, and you can either learn to do it yourself by reading The Emotion Code by Dr Bradley Nelson or you can contact a practitioner to do so. 

Releasing the Heart-Wall can be a huge gift for many. Not only for helping with your love life, but for children, parents and animals. Releasing your Heart-Wall can allow for authentic relationships with anyone.

When we come from our heart space we experience pure love that then radiates out from us and is received back through our heart. What an amazing gift that can be!

I have also created this fun video that gives an explanation on this same topic.

by Charan Surdhar Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner