Atrocities, like what has just happened in Boston, are shocking to the ones involved, their families and also to the world as the aftereffects reverberate throughout. On a daily basis there are so many horrific things that happen and it really can affect every one of us.

Deepak Chopra has said that in the Vedanta (ancient Indian texts), anything that causes suffering is directly a result of:

– Not knowing the true nature of reality
– Not knowing who you are
– Identifying with ego as a result of not knowing who you are
– Fear of death
– Separation.
…the cure of suffering is enlightenment or unity consciousness. God does not create suffering or goodness as God is the infinite light of experience that makes all life possible.

Many atrocities in the world happen because there is a loss of connection to oneself and a feeling of separation in the perpetrators themselves. If this separation isn’t there, the individuals that perpetrate these kind of events would feel connected to “all” and there would be no need to harm anyone.

Why does this happen?

There can be many reasons for this, but one of them that Dr. Bradley Nelson, the author of the “The Emotion Code” has suggested is that 93% of the population has a Heart-Wall. The Heart-Wall is made of trapped emotions that are like a filter through which the individuals see and feel the world. When a person has a Heart-Wall it is more difficult to feel connected with the universe and as a result one may also have a sense of losing their true essence.

Emotions are energy, just as the body and organs are energy. As we experience emotions in our life they can get trapped anywhere in the body, this includes emotions forming a wall around the heart, which is what we call a Heart-Wall.

When an individual doesn’t have a Heart-Wall they are able to experience life fully and recognize who they really are. When this is the case, how is it possible to harm anyone?

The general public who witness these kinds of tragedies on the news also experience negative emotions, potentially causing them to create more layers of their Heart-Walls too. It’s a recipe for a disconnected human race. But the good news is that this is reversible!

This is why I feel so passionate about helping individuals release their Heart-Walls, because as we do this, one by one, we can impact the world. Releasing the Heart-Wall helps us feel connected to ourselves as well as the “whole”. By doing this we can influence the greater “whole” and help prevent atrocities like these from happening again. It does really begin and end with the heart.

Here is a video I created about the Heart-Wall.

-by Charan Surdhar Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner