As you work with people using The Emotion Code, you are likely to get the question, “Do we trap good emotions?” Looking at the chart of emotions, they’re all considered negative emotions, except one– Overjoy. Even then, Overjoy can be considered negative in a sense. Dr. Brad defines Overjoy as, “intense delight or elation which is too overpowering for the body; joy that it is a shock to the system.” The body and mind should be able to handle unlimited joy, but there was something that prevented the person from accepting that much joy at one time.

Do we trap good emotions? I certainly hope so. Yet, if that’s the case, why are they not a problem for us? Why don’t we include those on the chart of emotions and clear them out too? I believe that it’s because they’re meant to be part of us.

Who are we, really? Most of us understand and believe that we are more than these physical shells we walk around in. We are beings of light. We are physical manifestations of spirit. The more that the spirit is one with the body, the healthier we are. The spirit is rich in light. Light, or this life force energy, fills the immensity of space. It brings life and order to darkness and chaos. In chiropractic philosophy, we call the light, that life force that fills the universe, universal intelligence. That portion of it that is within us is called innate intelligence. It is also known as chi, prana and a variety of other names.

The life force energy within our body can be interfered with or blocked in a variety of ways. There are a number of techniques that are designed to help the flow of this energy. Acupuncture considers the flow along the meridians and works to clear obstructions at common points along those paths. Chiropractic helps the flow along the nervous system by realigning the vertebrae where the spinal nerves exit the spinal cord. Qigong uses movement and breathing techniques to help with the overall flow of chi. The Emotion Code looks at Trapped Emotions as balls of energy that interfere with our energy.

Many people believe that the purpose of life is to build, experience and share joy. Light brings joy. Light and joy can even be thought of as being essentially synonymous. Since light (life energy) brings us joy and health, you can think of joy and light as food for the soul. They sustain us and build us up. Love, kindness, gratitude, happiness, and all of the other “good” emotions are meant to be part of us. They give us life and health and joy. They are on a vibrational frequency that benefits us. Therefore, they are never seen as something that interferes with our health and happiness, as the muscle testing bears out. The greater light that we can bring into our lives through experiencing positive emotions, the happier and healthier we will be.

On the other hand, the negative emotions that we release using The Emotion Code are not harmonious with our health and happiness. They interfere with the light and create darkness. Therefore, in order to have maximum health, happiness and success in life, we should do all we can to eradicate these negative energies. They are toxic to our energy, just like poison is to the physical body. When we clear them, it allows us to let more light in with good emotions. The Emotion Code is the most effective means I know of to clear these unhealthy energies.

~ Don Whittaker, D.C., CECP, CBCP

Don Whittaker has been a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 30 years. He loves to use The Emotion Code and The Body Code to help his patients in ways that he was not able to before.

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