After releasing trapped emotions, imbalances, or beliefs through the Emotion Code®, Body Code™, or Belief Code®, there is a period of time referred to as processing. During this processing period, the body adjusts to the energetic changes brought about by the energy healing session. Read on to learn more about the Processing Period after energy healing sessions! 

What is the Processing Period?

The processing period refers to the time after an energy healing session when energetic changes take place and are assimilated by the body. This processing period can be experienced in many different ways. For some, it is characterized by intense emotional or physical sensations, while others may experience hardly any symptoms! 

During the processing period, the subconscious will not allow for additional energy healing. If you’re trying to proceed with a session when the body has gone into processing, you’ll likely receive a lot of confusing answers. If the answer to “Is there another trapped emotion I can clear now?” is “No”, accept it. You can muscle test to get an idea of how long the processing will take and come back to your session once that period is over.

Hand holding a stopwatch.

How long does the energy healing processing period last?

This processing period typically lasts two or three days, though for some it may be shorter or longer! The processing period varies from person to person, and even from session to session. It can depend on several factors such as the type or intensity of energy healing practiced, the person’s physical, mental, and emotional state, and their sensitivity to energy work. Some people are naturally quite sensitive to energy work and may take much longer to process. 

In these instances, when processing is prolonged, a Balancing Reset may be helpful. Certified Practitioners enrolled in our Practitioner Education Program can learn about Balancing Resets and how to perform them here! Join the Practitioner Education Program if you haven’t already! 

Tips to help support your body, mind, and spirit during the processing period:

1. Stay hydrated

During this period it’s important to drink a lot of water. Energy work can dehydrate the body. Ample hydration will help the body process energy work more efficiently.

2. Rest

Take time to rest during this period! Get enough sleep, and take time to relax.

3. Nourish yourself

Consume healthy, delicious food. Sustain your body with the nutrients it needs, so that it can process the energy healing work. 

4. Move your body

Gentle exercise can help to move energy throughout the body. Consider practicing yoga, tai chi, taking a walk, or stretching. 

5. Listen to yourself!

You know yourself best, and it can be a powerful experience to simply listen to your intuition during this time. Ask yourself what you need, and then allow yourself to do those things. 

“I have discovered that the best way to go through the time of processing is by spoiling yourself, being very loving and taking very good care of yourself, and satisfying any caprice your Inner Being asks for. This may be something as simple as sleeping if you are tired, going for a walk even if the tasks are undone, or calling that person who keeps popping into your mind.”

Estela Davila, BCP2; Po, Spain

Common Experiences During the Processing Period

During this period you may:

  • Feel tired, and later very active, or the other way round. 
  • Feel hungry, or a lack of appetite.
  • Be a bit achy, or have a headache.
  • Experience a wide range of emotions, as they are processed and released.
  • Physical symptoms may lessen dramatically, or you may experience more intensity of sensations for a short period.
  • Feel physical sensations such as tingling, warmth, or slight discomfort.
  • Feel nothing out of the ordinary at all!
  • Feel quite relaxed and at peace.
  • Sleep more deeply, or experience more intense vivid dreams during this time.
  • Experience mental clarity.
  • Feel more in tune with your intuition.

All this is normal! Every person has their own way of processing. These effects can also vary in a person. After one session they might experience intense sensation, then the next time feel nothing at all. 

talking to an energy healer when processing time is stalled or taking too long

Talk to a Practitioner

If your processing period is too long or uncomfortable, you may want to seek support from a practitioner. If you experience prolonged discomfort or intense emotional or physical symptoms, it may be helpful to consult with your energy healer or a healthcare professional. Similarly, if you’re unsure about what you’re experiencing or need additional support, reach out for guidance.

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How to Recognize Processing Symptoms as a Practitioner

Everyone using the Emotion Code, Body Code, or Belief Code will encounter a Processing Period at some point! But how can a practitioner become aware that their client is in a processing period? 

Read on as practitioner Hazel Markou describes how you might notice these symptoms when they first begin to present. 

“Imagine you are doing an energy work session on yourself. You prepare yourself for the session, quiet your conscious mind, let your subconscious know you are communicating with it, check that you have God’s guidance, and find your first energetic imbalance. You clear this successfully; think “Great now for the next one!”. Then, you begin to get strange inconsistent answers from your muscle testing and a slight feeling of disconnection. A degree of frustration and possibly even irritation may arise at this point! You are likely processing the first energy that you released. One of the first signs of processing is that the body can’t give you answers. Give yourself a couple of minutes, take a sip of water, muscle test “Is there another energy I can clear now?” and carry on with the next one if the answer is “Yes”. Or, wait until your body has completed its processing period! 

Sometimes this first sign doesn’t occur until somewhere between 5 and 8 emotions or energies have been cleared. When you can’t get a clear answer take this as a sign of processing and draw the session to a close.”

When working on someone, it can be helpful to work slowly. This allows time for energetic processing between each release. Especially when you are working remotely, it can be tempting to breeze through release after release without pause. This can result in your client going into processing after just 2 or 3 released emotions, imbalances, or beliefs. To prolong the session and accomplish everything you can, take your time. Develop a habit to briefly chat with your client, take a few sips of water, or stand and stretch your legs for a moment between releases. 

If you find you are getting confusing responses early on in your session, you may want to give the client a break. You can use muscle testing to determine when the client may be ready to continue. 

Any negative symptoms experienced during the processing period can become amplified if you overload the body with clearances to process. Respecting the body’s needs will help your clients feel better after their session, and ultimately support their journey! 

This article has been updated for accuracy! It was originally published in April 2014