It’s been 17 years since Dr. Bradley Nelson first published the groundbreaking book The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness. The bestselling book was a huge step towards sharing these energy healing methods with the world! Since then, Discover Healing has been hard at work, sharing this life-changing message across the globe! 

As you can imagine, so much has changed in the years since Discover Healing began. We’ve grown as a company, shared our mission in almost every country, achieved incredible milestones, and greatly expanded our community of beloved friends and healing family. Truly, this work is all because of YOU. Let’s celebrate the years together, and look back on the history of Discover Healing! 

A Timeline of the History of Discover Healing

June 15, 2007: The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness, by Dr. Bradley Nelson was published. 

November 2009: The Healer’s Library was created! This was our company’s first name. Dr. Brad and Jean Nelson founded the company and launched our original website.

July 27, 2011: The Emotion Code Online Certification launched.

July 5, 2012: The Body Code Online Certification first becomes available to students! 

April 6, 2013: We hit the momentous milestone of our first 1000 Emotion Code Practitioners certified! 

November 7, 2013: The Body Code 2.0 launches.  

December 12, 2018:  We changed our name to Discover Healing, while also updating our website and logo!

October 1, 2019: We added our first additional language on the site, expanding to include German.

January 2020: The Body Code System App was released, making the Body Code experience an even easier, more seamless process!

January 5, 2021: We released a fully updated version of the Emotion Code Certification.

April 7, 2021: We launched our continuing education program, the Practitioner Education Program.

February 22, 2022: The fully updated and revised Body Code Certification launched.

September 20, 2022: We hit the exciting milestone of 10k Emotion Code Practitioners certified through our courses! 

February 21, 2023: Dr. Brad’s second best-selling book, The Body Code: Unlocking Your Body’s Ability to Heal Itself, was published. 

November 14, 2023: Level 3: the Belief Code Certification Course is released.

Why ‘Discover Healing’? The Meaning Behind Our Company Name

We chose the name Discover Healing because it perfectly encapsulates our heartfelt mission! Teaching people to discover their own healing abilities, empowering them to become healers themselves, and feel the joy that comes from doing their part to heal the world, one person at a time.

We are also helping people discover that there is another way to get well — a natural, non-toxic, holistic approach to healing the body, mind, and soul that creates true and lasting healing for all.

So many people have already discovered that healing is possible and that they have what it takes to create this kind of healing for others. As we continue to go forward with our mission, we invite you to join us in spreading the joy of this discovery across the world.

The Meaning Behind The Discover Healing Logo

The Discover Healing Logo is a symbol of importance with several meanings. This logo was truly a labor of love, designed by Jean Nelson. The upward curve of the outside line represents happiness, just as a smile curves upward. It is our goal to bring more love and happiness into the world through the work that we do.

The spiral design looks somewhat like a labyrinth which represents a living path, a place of introspection and deep awareness, a place to be fully present and to move steadily forward. It is a place of higher consciousness.

We at Discover Healing want all those who embark upon a healing path with us to feel that they are being guided to become more attuned to their own body, mind, and spirit with our products, trainings, and services. It is our goal to teach and empower each student and customer on their individual healing path. Our intention is to make resources available to help you to find healing for yourself and others that you serve.

Healing is a journey. As you travel the spiral path, you soon reach the top where there is an upward point. This is the compass symbol of true north and is representative of a higher source of power and divine inspiration, the source of unconditional love, truth, wisdom, and healing power. It is a reminder of the significance of seeking that divine power above.

At the center of the logo design is an open heart. The path of the spiral leads toward its center. Traveling this path you will learn to clear negative layers of energy, which will have the effect of opening your heart. Your heart is at your very core. We teach you how to open your heart so that love might be felt, given, and received more freely and that joy might be felt in greater abundance. Love is essential to a joyful life.

The rings of the logo design also represent the ripple effect, like that of a pebble dropped into a pond, expanding outward into the world. Those with an open and joyful heart are able to make a positive impact on those around them for love is a powerful energy. When love is given it affects not only the receiver but those that the receiver touches, and on and on, for we are all connected. An open and loving heart spreads a joyful empowering energy to all who are touched. When the divine energy of love enters enough hearts and then spreads outward to impact many others, the world is changed. We invite you to help us to change the world!

It has truly been a beautiful journey, since the beginning! We’re so proud of everything we’ve accomplished with this community of dedicated energy healers. Thank you for being a part of Discover Healing!