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SoulSpring | Holistic Healing for Veterans, COVID-19 Survivors and Other Victims of Trauma

We are excited to share our featured article in SoulSpring discussing the benefits of holistic healing. In this article, Dr. Bradley Nelson offers suggestions for ways you can practice holistic healing to manage trauma. June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month, and recent research [...]

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SoulSpring | Holistic Health and Wellness Tips for Seasonal Allergies

It's that time of year where many of us find ourselves suffering with seasonal allergies. In this latest SoulSpring article, Dr. Bradley Nelson discusses the benefits of holistic health and wellness and how these helpful tips may help manage the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Summer is almost here, and [...]

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The Enlightened Executive Podcast | How Emotions Affect Your Health and Leadership

Susan Drumm of the Enlightened Executive Podcast interviewed Dr. Bradley Nelson the Season 1 Episode 9, "How Emotions Affect Your Health and Leadership (feat. Dr. Bradley Nelson)" Ever feel like there’s some annoying thing holding you back? Something that’s inhibiting your success in business or [...]

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ProfNet Expert Alerts | 5 Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

ProfNet Expert Alerts featured Dr. Bradley Nelson alongside other business leaders. In this report he discusses holistic methods that may boost immunity.  1. Get enough sleep — Sleep and the circadian system exert a strong regulatory influence on immune functions, while lack of quality sleep [...]

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Atlanta News Journal | The Emotion Code’s Benefits

In a promising discovery, new research documents that holistic healing method known as The Emotion Code® demonstrates "significant efficacy"  in relieving self-reported mental health symptoms. People suffering from self-reported anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder reported significant improvements in their symptoms after using The Emotion [...]

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