Learn how releasing Trapped Emotions™ can help us heal! In this article, Dr. Bradley Nelson discusses the benefits of releasing Trapped Emotions. Most of us can easily understand the physical needs our body requires to be healthy, but it is important we also consider the need to remove those hidden energies and Trapped Emotions.

It’s easy to understand the importance of taking care of the physical body. We see it, feel it, and move through the world in it. Our physical selves are the first thing we notice when we meet others, and the first thing they notice about us.

Because of this, we may spend a lot more time thinking about our external selves than we spend thinking about our internal selves. This mindset tends to affect our approach to healing as well, with the physical body being treated far more frequently than the emotional self.

We believe, however, that many physical issues are actually caused by emotional pain at their roots, and cannot be healed with only physical treatments. Our premise is that strong emotions from difficult and traumatic experiences can become trapped in the body and cause physical as well as emotional discomfort. Discovering these Trapped Emotions and releasing them can result in lasting emotional and physical healing.

Scientific research is increasingly pointing to the connection between our emotional and physical health. For instance, one study finds “greater pain is related to emotional stress and limited emotional awareness, expression, and processing.” This review of 10 years of research for the National Institutes of Health states that “Emotions are integral to the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of persistent pain.”

When our bodies are only treated physically, through pills, massage, or surgery, discomfort may return. While sometimes illness and physical injuries need to be treated with these types of traditional medicine, we believe there can be underlying causes of discomfort that indicate a need for emotional healing. Signs that physical issues may be rooted in emotions include:

  • The ache or discomfort grows slowly over time.
  • The cause is not readily apparent.
  • The issues do not respond to external treatments such as drugs, surgery or massage.

When physical issues are rooted in Trapped Emotions, emotional healing from the inside out may be more effective in alleviating it. Healing from the inside means confronting ourselves, our histories, and our inner truths. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do. In modern society, we often learn to avoid things that are hard or hurtful. It might seem simpler to take a pill instead, or to temporarily distract ourselves with diversions such as TV, social media, alcohol, or other forms of self-medication. However, avoiding the real issue will only allow the discomfort to come back in the future.

Even though it might seem more challenging, in the end, emotional healing may be what’s necessary to make a lasting improvement.


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