In the Soul Spring article, you can learn how to dismantle your heart wall!

Snippets from the article:

“Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating love, but what if you have lost someone you love? Heartbreak is not just an expression for the strong emotions we feel surrounding loss. It is a very real condition that can damage your health and even lead to premature death.

You may have heard about a study from the UK a few years ago that found that bereavement doubles a person’s chances of dying of a heart attack or stroke. You can probably remember a time in your life when you thought your heart was going to break. That sensation may have felt like an elephant was sitting on your chest, or that you couldn’t breathe. These are common physical sensations that result when your heart — the core of your being — is suffering from a deep trauma.

In the ancient world, the human heart was thought of as the seat of love, the seat of the soul, the core of our being, and the source of our creativity. New research is beginning to reveal that the heart functions more in these ways than we have imagined. For example, heart transplant recipients often report strange symptoms, including changes in their music, food, and entertainment preferences, as well as handwriting changes. Some even reported receiving memories that were not their own.”

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