How did you find out about The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

Reading through emails late one night, I found information about The Emotion Code and began reading the online book. I immediately knew in my heart this was my calling.

How do you think these healing methods compare to other energy healing modalities?

In my opinion, this healing modality is superior. I truly feel God uses me as his tool to help many people. I believe this is the fastest, most permanent healing method available.


What advice would you give to those that are new to either The Emotion Code or The Body Code?

Practice muscle testing. Trust your higher power to guide you. Know anything can cause anything.

What differences do you see between our healing methods and the westernized medical/drug industry?

Working as a nurse, I see medications prescribed for symptoms of illness / disease that often create more issues for the person because of unwanted side effects. The Emotion Code and The Body Code offer a way to find a root cause of a problem, and when released or balanced, the body begins the healing process. No side effects.


Do you have a healing story that you could tell us about?

I have several healing successes. I was doing a presentation and at the end offered to do short healing sessions. One lady came to me and said she was hesitant about this. She shared her story about the injury to her left lower leg that occurred during a car wreck about 8 years ago and had always had pain since. That’s what I worked on, her lower leg. When we were done, she said it felt like the pain was gone. She still wasn’t sure. About 2 weeks later, I got a phone call from her. When I answered, she blurted out, “You Healed my leg!” I’m like, “What?” Then she explained she had seen me and I worked on her and the pain had not returned. She has no more doubt that this work is effective. I’ve since successfully helped her with other issues. I love this work! Thank you Dr. Brad! You are definitely a Godsend.


If you could tell the world about Dr. Nelson’s methods in one sentence, what would it be?

It’s the most amazing healing modality out there.


How do you see this work impacting the future of health care?

Huge impact for the future of healing. The way the world is headed, I believe Energy Healing is going to be needed more than ever. I see it every day. Insurance companies are providing less coverage for people. In my opinion, this is a great alternative. Now it’s time to spread the word.


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