“When I was young I wore my mother’s diamond ring to the beach. After I got there, my grandmother’s words made me afraid that I would lose the ring, so I asked my mother where I could put it so it would be safe. She told me to put it in her shoe. She forgot it was there and dumped it out into the sand. Later, she wouldn’t drive me back to the beach even though I was sure that I could find the spot where we had been and find the ring in the sand.

“Years later I discovered that I had a Heart-Wall® made of something very hard — diamonds. The trapped emotions in my Heart-Wall were Love Unreceived (from my mother as she would not allow me to help recover her diamond ring), and Lost (because I lost affection from my grandmother and mother because of the incident).

“Now that my Heart-Wall is removed, I wear diamonds more than ever. I sold my old jewelry and I purchased new jewelry and more diamonds.

“I now cry easily. Things affect me when they are sweet, touching, and sad. My emotions match the situation, and I have feelings for others, like empathy and caring. I am so happy doing the Emotion Code®. It is so effective. I have confidence knowing it benefits people and animals. That is a wonderful feeling.

“People reflect back to me who I have become since doing Heart-Wall energy work on myself. I like what I see coming back to me. I am so much more calm and can focus so much better. I make better decisions and take better care of myself. I am more careful and take more time with things. I don’t have as much fear. Gosh, I’m so thankful for Heart-Wall energy work. I am so grateful for Dr. Nelson.”

~Patti Even, California, USA

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