“I was working on a whole family, a mother with five sons and three grandchildren, one of them just a couple of weeks old. The mother mentioned that her daughter-in-law needed to go back to the hospital to check out the baby’s hips as there might have been something wrong with them from the birth. In addition, she mentioned that the baby didn’t drink from the mother’s breast and needed to be fed with a bottle, which was very cumbersome at a couple of weeks old.

“So using the Body Code™, I checked the baby’s hips and aligned the left ilium bone. Then I found a blockage in the pineal gland and balanced that. The grandma got very excited when she told me that the doctors in the hospital didn’t find anything wrong. The baby’s hips were excellent and the baby began breastfeeding with enthusiasm. It is just wonderful that we are able to help babies at such young age to balance their energies!”

~Peter Schalow, Haut-Rhin, France

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