“While on a trip to New Jersey to work on horses, I met a very sweet 24-year-old girl who was having difficulties with her Appaloosa horse. As we were walking up to her horse, the girl started crying. In fact, she seemed to cry a lot. Then she told me that she has cried this often since the age of six and did not know why. She cried over everything. After working with her horse, I worked on her. Her inherited trapped emotions went back to her 3 generation grandfather. He was in Germany during WW2. We released a few trapped emotions, and to my amazement, she started laughing! In fact, she felt so different she could not even shed a tear! I was so happy for her and felt great gratitude that you have discovered the Emotion Code® that can help us release trapped emotions. Thank you, Dr. Bradley Nelson!”

~Lorrie Bracaloni, Maryland, USA

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