“I began doing Emotion Code® sessions in order to release Trapped Emotions from a previously abusive marriage. I’d had countless hours of traditional counseling and done years of intensive spiritual, mental and physical work to heal, but still there was lingering emotional distress and chronic intrusive thoughts about the previous relationship. I frequently struggled with anxiousness, bouts of sadness and melancholy, and an overall feeling of just not quite being able to achieve the productive and flourishing life I knew I was capable of.

“It took a couple of sessions to find my Heart-Wall®, and when we did, we discovered 267 Trapped Emotions. But just because the Heart-Wall took a while to find doesn’t mean I wasn’t seeing amazing release of trapped energy and emotions! After my first Emotion Code session, I suddenly felt “awake” – as if I’d been trapped in a bad dream trying to will myself awake for years, and finally was able to wake up. Every session has released more emotions from the Heart-Wall, balanced my energies, and even severed some old energy ties to the former partner – and not once have I felt those released energies return!

“I’ve felt lighter, more free, better able to think. Chronic knee and back issues have disappeared. I no longer have invasive/obsessive thoughts about my ex and how to fix the damage that was done to me. My newfound freedom has allowed me to finally create and maintain a consistent routine aimed at getting the rest of my physical health and strength back. Negative circumstances arising in life no longer cripple me, and instead I’m finally able to process and let go of the emotions involved in real time. I’ve re-found an ability to release tears without having to wait for them to accumulate and explode. My bubbly, laughing personality has returned, and I’m settling back into the calm and patient person I used to be.

“In short, I feel like a NORMAL human being again!”

~Megan C., USA