“My top success story would be myself. Before I was introduced to The Emotion Code® I was days away from starting my permanently disabled life. I had so many chronic conditions that western medicine had no cure for, only more invasive procedures and a multitude of damaging medications. I had suffered for over 20 years, from childhood to adulthood. Chronic discomfort was just one of my many conditions. With just one session of The Emotion Code, I released so much that I was exhausted for days.

“I was able to sleep more than three hours a night. I was able to take a deep breath without it hurting. I showered and cared for myself without discomfort. And I was able to let go and actually cry and not hold anything in. This was only within the first week. As I continued to heal and work on myself, my conditions literally vanished. I went from weekly doctors appointments, daily pill popping, monthly invasive and painful procedures, to no doctor visits, little to no medication, and no more procedures. It got to the point in which the pharmacy and the doctors called me to ask if I was okay because they had not heard from me in a while.” 🙂

~Sylvia Ruiz, USA

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