“When I heard about the allergies webinar for premium members, I immediately made the intention not only to attend, but to be chosen as a volunteer. Somehow Dr. Nelson heard my desire and picked me.

“Eating my favorite dairy, cheese, and milk has been a problem for about 20 years, and I had to avoid it or substitute it all the time, in addition to avoiding certain fruits like apricots and citruses.

“Using the Body Code™, Dr. Bradley made the most incredible connections to my subconscious mind and was able to point out the root of the problem and release the imbalances.

“A couple of days later, my husband and I were talking a walk in the park when we heard a sound of an ice cream truck. He knows not to offer ice cream to me as I would have a reaction. And here something changed. He asked me if I wanted to try my favorite kind and I said yes. Lo and behold, I ate it and absolutely nothing happened. No reaction. The same thing happened when I ate an apricot yesterday.

“I am building my student portfolio to become a Certified Body Code Practitioner. I am so grateful to Dr. Bradley Nelson for the session, for the method, and for the entire new life opportunity. NAMASTE!”

~ Sofia Ianovskaia, California, USA

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