This is a follow-up to “Alzheimer’s Patient Shows Dramatic Improvement After Body Code Sessions,” published on January 25, 2016

I have a client who I’ve been working with for almost four months. Without having a formal diagnosis, I would have guessed that she had probable Alzheimer’s Disease. When we started working together, she couldn’t answer any of my questions, and I had to rely exclusively on her Power of Attorney for meaningful answers. She needed supervision 24-7 and couldn’t do simple tasks like get a glass of water herself. She had a lot of paranoia and delusions and had trouble making friends and was very isolated.

Now, three and a half months later, she no longer needs anyone else present during our sessions, and she can engage in conversations. She now gets her own water, and I’m told is taking care of herself in other ways, like regularly taking out the trash and recycling! Before, she wasn’t able to shop without supervision, but now can go with a fellow resident! She makes friends easily now and participates in all the activities with her retirement community! She can even find her way around her senior care facility (and does so regularly) all by herself!

Her delusions and paranoia have decreased by about 75%. I expect and hope that will continue to decline as we do more work together.

And here is the best example of how much she has improved:

She got locked out of her building recently, and had no shoes. Instead of panicking, she stayed calm and checked the doors of the other buildings on the premises and found one that was open. She waited inside that building to stay warm, and then would periodically go back to check her building. She then told the staff of her experience, and the staff saw her footprints which substantiated her story!

My research in Neuroscience and Epidemiology was in Alzheimer’s disease. Back then we believed that the best thing that we could do was to halt its progression. Now I’m beginning to suspect it might be reversible!

Do you know anyone with a parent or loved one with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? Please share this story with them, and let them know what is possible by releasing subconscious barriers!

~ Tina Huang, Ph.D., USA

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