“My daughter had anxiety and some depression all through school. After doing the Emotion Code® on her, I can honestly say it has disappeared. She had trouble in relationships and now has a few close friends and a boyfriend. She seems much more relaxed and willing to put herself out there.

“The Emotion Code has helped with my husband’s chronic back pain. One night his pain was at an intensity level six. After I released some trapped emotions, the pain went clear down to a three, and the next day it was barely there.

“My son had written off dating ever again after his last breakup, but now he is in a happy, healthy relationship.

“I helped a man who had been severely depressed and hadn’t been to work in three days. After completing his session, he told me it felt like a dark cloud had been lifted off of his head! He went back to work the next day. I am always amazed at the results each and every time!”

~Nicole McLain, Idaho, USA

While Discover Healing can’t guarantee any specific results and submitted testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any individual using the Emotion Code® or the Body Code™ for any particular issue or problem, published testimonials reflect these specific users’ experiences.