“I have seen tremendous improvements in my two younger children’s attitudes since using the Emotion Code® on myself. I see that they are so much happier, less negative, and less angry. They are sleeping better and more confident in themselves. I’ve been watching my husband to see the changes in his everyday body movements. He isn’t twisting his neck as much, and he isn’t fiddling with his fingers on the way to work. I see a huge change in my horses. My mare is usually very moody, and my gelding either moody or insecure. Yesterday while I was working on them, my gelding would actually tell me the answer before my body did. It was amazing!!

“I have experienced huge changes just since the Emotion Code seminar. I was able to release some very old baggage of depression from frustration. My drive home from Utah was so amazing. I cried and laughed for almost 6 hours. I’m still so joyful. I let my family know that everyday joy is so superficial to what I feel now. I pray eventually everyone will experience and remain in this state of mind. I also noticed that the chatter in my head is gone. Negative thoughts rarely come in to play now. If one does, there is no intensity about the thought, and then I laugh it off. Oh, I just want to keep crying I’m so grateful and joyful. I have never experienced this quietness of the mind before. I can’t describe the feeling I’m feeling from this, but it is more than amazing!

“I released the paranoia of driving (which I picked up in my early twenties) whiling I was driving. There was instant balancing. AMAZING!!! Another massive change in my life! Oh, also my carpal tunnel is gone!! Thank you Dr. Bruce for the healing at the dinner table. It is so nice to wake up and feel my hands and arms. Thank you so much Nelson family for sharing your discovery with all of us! Many blessings to you all.”

~Tammy B., California, USA

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