“The topic that has drastically had a noticeable difference in my life is my relationship with my father. I consciously knew that patterns I was repeating in my life, especially when it came to relationships, had so much to do with the rough relationship I had with my dad growing up. Aside from all the trapped emotions, I had a broadcast message of I am hurt, seeking heart energy of love, no will to be controlled, and 23 trapped emotions of conflict, plus more! Once we got to the bottom of it, my practitioner muscle tested that we wouldn’t meet for six weeks! Usually it was three days to process or less. After spending a lot of time processing that, I ended up writing a long note from my heart telling my dad I forgive him. I wasn’t expecting anything in return, but he texted back asking if we could talk. He called me just recently and it’s the first time we have heard each other’s voices in at least five years! We didn’t talk about anything specific yet, but we will.

“I knew that in order to really move forward in life, I needed to forgive the person in my life who is the core foundation of relationships, especially with men. Needless to say, I have noticed so many patterns that have disappeared, and feel so excited about the partner I am with now, and for once don’t feel like running away!

“I could go on about my own personal experiences. I mean it helped me get through resistance in massage therapy school. I had the tendency of whenever I felt resistance, or fear, or trapped emotions getting in the way, I would chalk it up to be, “Oh, I guess this isn’t meant for me.” I was at a severity 10 out of 10, in terms of ever having a fulfilling relationship, whether it be intimate, friendship, or anything. That’s now down to ZERO, and you can see it in my relationships!

“The Emotion Code® and Body Code™ have shown me, and helped me get rid of so much of my own garbage that was holding me back from achieving the life I truly desire. There were plenty of days where I would break down and cry tears of happiness after my appointments because to realize how much of my own stuff, and inherited stuff, is standing in the way of my true potential is so crazy and daunting, but it was so LIBERATING to know that I finally came across an AMAZING TOOL that is helping to change all of it so I would and could NO LONGER be my OWN WORST ENEMY!

“My mom owns a daycare, and a little 4-year-old girl would come in EVERY DAY crying and wouldn’t stop. My mom had never seen anything like it. It was driving her insane. I told her, “If you get her mom’s permission, I can practice the Emotion Code on her.” So she did, and after the first appointment there was a change in the little girl. After appointment three, she was a new girl! She was playing on her own and with kids, and leaving my mom’s side, saying, “See you!” to her mom when she dropped her off instead of crying immediately. The mom thanked me so much because it even changed her home behavior!

“During massage school I had to do a case study, and worked on a person once a week for 8 weeks and wrote about the difference. My mom has suffered from sciatic pain, and lower back pain. We worked on her lower back pain, and to both our amazement, each time she was feeling a little better. One day I told her I was going to try the Emotion Code too. After about three sessions, she hasn’t been experiencing that UNBEARABLE pain! I was massaging her once a week, and she was seeing an osteopath, but I think clearing some trapped emotions solidified it! I could go on, and on!”

~Tasha Turmenne, Maine, USA

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