“After learning about the Heart-Wall® from Dr. Nelson, I wondered if my quarter horse mare Reina might be suffering from a Heart-Wall. I knew she had a very traumatic training experience before I got her and wondered if animals had Heart-Walls. I decided to ask my horse.

“By using myself as a surrogate, I asked Reina if she had a Heart-Wall and the answer was yes. It was made of wood and was several feet thick. It had come into being when she was less than a year old because of being weaned from her mother too early. It was further strengthened through her traumatic training around the age of two.

“Reina’s Heart-Wall had five trapped emotions within it, including hopelessness, fear, lack of control, betrayal, and abandonment. I was able to release one emotion per day. Because I am an animal communicator, I did the questioning telepathically. Afterward, I was able to physically roll the magnet along her back and she seemed to enjoy the massage as well as the release.

“I have seen her disposition improve and the anxiety lines around her face soften since removing her Heart-Wall.”

~Evergreen A., Wisconsin, USA

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