“In my practice, I have a client that has consulted me for quite a while with a lot of issues. She suffered from a trigeminal neuralgia with lot of pain. She tried every possible treatment at many different doctors, but nothing really helped for a long time. As I started treating this kind of pain in her right face, the pain diminished, but came back after some months. I went through the Body Code™ to find the underlying causes, but the pain wasn’t going away.

“Then I learned to ask if there are misalignments that are a possible cause for the problems, so I asked, ‘Is the trigeminal nerve misaligned? Yes!’ So I realigned the nerve and all the tissues around it energetically. Then she said, ‘The pain is diminishing!’

“In the evening she wrote to me saying that the pain and her migraine were totally gone. She was so happy! So it is always good to ask if there is a misalignment that is the cause for a problem.”

~Stephanie Rakow, Berlin, Germany

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