“I had a Heart-Wall®. Interestingly it was made of mold!!! I suffered from a mold illness several years ago, and have been pretty scared of mold since. No wonder it provided the perfect impenetrable barrier for me to hide within myself.

“I felt like I came out of my shell since I released that wall. I gained a lot of self-esteem and gathered the strength to leave a toxic job. My relationships with my spouse and co-workers became more harmonious. I lost the fear of mold too. I guess I had to keep being terrified of mold to keep up that wall.

“Months after clearing it, I found out I had a hidden Heart-Wall too! This one had fewer trapped emotions, but the one that stood out was Creative Insecurity. Indeed, I had been feeling quite stuck in the last few months as I prepared to re-launch myself as a writer. I have already written a couple of children’s books, one of which is currently in the process of being published.”

~Elda P., California, USA

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