“My 11-month-old is quite independent. He learned to walk at 9 months old and plays happily on his own. In the last week however, he has become very clingy and spends a lot of time whining at my feet if not being held. Using The Body Code™ I decided to see what was going on and I found an Addictive Heart Energy (Seeking Heart Energy). He was apparently addicted to me. Haha.

“I checked for a Heart-Wall® and found that he had one. It was made up of 13 Trapped Emotions. I asked what his Heart-Wall was made of and I got the sweetest answer, blankets! He had 13 layers of blankets. One by one I removed each blanket (or Trapped Emotion) and was then able to remove the Addictive Heart Energy.

“He has been much less clingy and my husband said he noticed a big difference. Our son toddled right to him and was smiling and playful rather than only content being held in my arms. I’m glad to have my fun, independent toddler back!”

~Kristi D., Alaska, USA

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