From the client of Rose Morro, certified practitioner from California, USA:

“I came to Rose with a staph infection wound that was not healing. It had been nearly two months since the surgery and there were no signs of healing. I had to go into the doctor’s office daily to get the packing changed and I was drained and feeling like this would never heal. I was feeling a little hopeless and unsupported in my body when I remembered that often physical things show up in the body to communicate emotional unrest. With that I knew it was time to get to the root cause; what emotions wanted to speak or be released?

“I had three Body Code™ sessions over three weeks and the results were unbelievable! After week one, my wound went from the size of a half dollar coin to a quarter. Within two weeks it was down to a dime, and I’m sitting here today, three weeks after my first session, with a healed and closed wound. A few limiting beliefs were replaced, my Heart-Wall® was cleared, as well as an unhealthy cord with my ex. This process allowed my body to be healthy, happy, and incredibly strong in order to heal itself. I now understand why this infection showed up in my body and am happy to have released the blocks. The practitioner followed her intuition and moved through the sessions with ease and clarity. It was so cool to see the mind/body connection and to see healing like this in my own body.”

~Jaclyn, Seattle, WA, USA

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