“I have always had a hard time connecting with people and God. I never knew why; I just figured there was something wrong with me. I knew I was different and blamed it on my upbringing and all the abuse I suffered as a child. Once I heard Dr. Brad talk about his wife’s story of her Heart-Wall®, I knew I had to give the Emotion Code® a try. I had tried many other things but nothing really made a difference.

“I released some trapped emotions and for some reason didn’t feel a whole lot different. I asked about it at a live seminar and found out that safety might have been playing a role. I just assumed it was because of my husband (as we were having some marriage problems), but later I found out that it was about feeling safe in life and with God.

“I grew up with a violent alcoholic father and a mentally unstable mother who used God in a very unhealthy way. I was taught that God was judging and going to punish me if I ever did anything wrong so I grew up fearing God and life. As a result, I also closed off my heart and developed a Heart-Wall.

“After about a year of doing this work off and on, I decided to let someone else work on me and see if I was somehow getting in my own way. Well wouldn’t you know it, she discovered a Heart-Wall that she was able to remove. After that, my whole life changed. I became more engaged in life and it was easier to talk to people and make friends. I didn’t feel out of place anymore. The best part is I have been able to make a real loving connection to my new version of God and this has opened my life to all kinds of new possibilities.

“This has helped me in all areas of my life. Releasing the Heart-Wall has helped me find purpose and joy in my life and gave me the courage to continue this awesome work with the Body Code™. I think removing a Heart-Wall is the best health discovery there is and the best gift a person can give to himself. It opens the door to more healing. I just continue to grow and change and will forever be so grateful for this work.”

~Kimberly Dornbush, California, USA

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