“My first experience using the Emotion Code® was with my 11-year-old son. We took a vacation to Denver, Colorado for fall break and stayed in an Air B&B that has cats. I completely forgot he was very allergic to cats. I had brought the Emotion Code book with me on the trip to read. After reading about all the amazing stories in the book, and watching my son be so miserable with three days of cat allergies, I decided to try it. I really didn’t feel confident doing it, but I followed the flow chart and found six trapped emotions specific to cat allergies. Within minutes of releasing the trapped emotions, he stopped itching his face and sneezing. I was amazed! I asked him how he felt 20 min later and he took a deep sigh, rolled his eyes like a good pre-teen would, and said, “Mom, I was just thinking, your emotional code thing really works”. It was so fun. I got home and started practicing muscle testing and using The Emotion Code on my friends. They all have seen results at various levels. I love it!

–Wendy Hernandez, Utah, USA

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