“When I read your book, The Emotion Code®, I was in awe and disbelief that all those emotions in my Heart-Wall® that had controlled my life were so easily gone, not only from me, but also from my sons. After a week from my first release, I noticed that Pete, my son, was being nicer to me. He’s usually not friendly toward me. Sometimes I have seen real anger in his eyes, but not anymore. I had many Inherited Trapped Emotions™ in my Heart-Wall and on the release, I cleared them from him and myself at the same time, since he still does not want me to work directly on him. I can see the change that this brings into my life and others, one family at a time. Thanks so much Dr. Bradley Nelson for such a discovery for the betterment of all mankind. Thanks with all my heart. I am now signed up to became an Emotion Code Certified Practitioner. Thanks again!”

~Nijole O., USA

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