“I have so SO many success stories using the Emotion Code®! I have been tracking my clients’ progress through a survey after each session. One of my greatest successes to date is with a woman who suffers with chronic migraines 26 or 27 days out of each month. After our first session, her migraines became MANAGEABLE, which is unheard of for her! Here is her personal testimonial of the Emotion Code:

“I’ve had chronic migraines and stomach pain for years now, following numerous complications of one surgery. I have seen HUNDREDS of doctors and had very little quality of life or hope that I would ever reach a level of pain that is manageable to live with. After my session with Jessica, I had two really good days with a pain level of “3.” I can’t thank her enough for caring and trying to help when I had little faith of anything helping again! Even a week later, my migraines have not been above a pain level of a “5” which HUGE for me!!!!”

~Jessica DiNatale, Connecticut, USA

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