Submitted by a certified practitioner from one of her clients:

“I am Ted A. I am 69 years old and live in Lima, Peru. Since 1994, a pain started in the lumbar area that extended to my right leg. I would wake up with pain and would have it until I went to sleep at night. My personality changed. I became very irritable, and had physical limitations like difficulty climbing stairs, and I had to stop playing badminton.

“I went to prestigious doctors in Peru and a chiropractor, who recommended different therapies that sometimes mitigated the pain for a few weeks. I also went to a veteran traumatologist who diagnosed my condition in the first appointment as ankylosing spondylitis, which was confirmed later through testing and X-rays. This doctor recommended that I should be treated by a rheumatologist, and I was treated by Dr. Nolte from the Anglo-American Clinic. After many tests, she prescribed small doses of cancer pills for the pain. These medicines caused me multiple health problems. She later suggested some vaccines which I decided against because they seemed too invasive.

“In 2007, I tried a diet recommended by my sister, based on Joel Godin’s book. A person with the same illness overcame the pain completely. With the help of a professional dietician, I followed it faithfully for 6 months. The diet excluded sugar, dairy, and starch. My pain was gone 80% but the diet was too difficult to continue as it needed a lot of effort.

“In February 2018, my sister connected me with a Certified Body Code Practitioner in Vancouver, Canada. We spoke over the phone three to four times. After informing her about my pain, she did a long distance proxy session and applied the Body Code™ technique. In less than a week, 99% of the pains were gone. I am eternally grateful. I have been pain free for 8 months after having these pains for almost 24 years.”

~Cecilia Cornish, CBCP; Vancouver, Canada

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