“I have had a bunch of trapped emotions in my Heart-Wall®, 14 to be exact. I have been working on myself intensely over the holidays waiting to start my Emotion Code® certification. I had a near head-on collision by a drunk on Christmas Eve. I was able to clear out all the trapped emotions and be totally relaxed in place of having anxiety and nightmares. I have had numerous businesses in the past and none of them were very successful. An intuitive friend and counselor cleared out issues that might be blocking me, knowing that I am excited about this program. There were trapped emotions around owning my own business, understanding my worth, and being seen for who I am among other things. In finishing, I found trapped emotions around creative insecurity and muscle testing. Now I feel clear, confident, and peaceful about moving forward. I am using the Emotion Code to clear out all kinds of issues easily. I am so excited.”

~Georgia Palmer, Missouri, USA

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