“I hadn’t been able to drive my non-automatic car very much at all because of the pain which has been diagnosed as fibromyalgia. For years, this pain had been wretched. After the second Emotion Code® session I did for myself, I had to get groceries. Even though I hadn’t focused on the fibromyalgia during the 20-minute session, all the pain was gone while I drove in the car, even when I rolled the windows up and down! I found myself bopping around town with no difficulty at all. This was months ago, and has continued to my great joy.

“I did the most Emotion Code work with others who were in dire straits and after a few months, gave myself another 20-minute session. Again, I didn’t focus on my pain, instead I was just working on emotional issues, whatever came up. A while after my session, I noticed that I no longer needed to go to a neurologist for three painful shots to minimize the pain of a pinched nerve. I had been carrying a thick foam pillow everywhere I had to sit, but since the session, I have felt as good or better than what the shots did for me. Life changing!”

~Anara Brinmere, North Carolina, USA

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