“I am a joyful person, but I have always suffered from energy and fatigue issues. This year (2022), my health declined to a place where I felt closer to death than to life, hardly feeling able to cope with anything. I was diagnosed with neurological issues as well as a mitochondrial disorder which seemed to make sense and explain my lack of energy. I was not feeling tired or exhausted, but just lacking energy support for even doing simple things.

“What saved me was a combination of Anthony William’s new book Brain Saver and The Emotion Code®. After each release of a trapped emotion, I felt energy flowing back into my body. I felt as if each released emotion gave a bit more free space for energy to flow. I could clearly observe that by releasing trapped emotions, energy blocks were removed. My muscles felt more and more liberated. After each session with the Emotion Code, I felt a bit more freshness and lightness in my legs, gradually regaining my power to walk and climb stairs. After five Emotion Code sessions with a certified practitioner (Anke Carstens in Hamburg), and a lot of work on myself (with guidance through The Emotion Code book and the 14-Day Challenge), I found myself climbing a steep path to a mountain hill with ease which had been so hard for me all the previous years. I was literally jumping on it with lightness. One year ago, I could hardly make it.

“I further improved my condition through a few corrections with the Discover Healing Body Code™ app. One of these corrections (aligning the pituitary gland) also gave me access to removing more trapped emotions which otherwise could not have been released. That’s what my muscle test confirmed.”

~Daniel F., Lübeck, Germany

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