“For over a decade, I have been using various self-help modalities in order to release emotions and memories that had a negative impact on my life. While I managed to make some improvements, I would always end up somewhat disappointed. The same unpleasant memories would come up again, no matter how much I had worked on them.

“Then, in August 2020, I learned about the Emotion Code®. I bought Dr. Brad’s book and started using the technique described in it. I have to admit that, I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to work. Some aspects of it sounded hard to believe. I think it was the claim that the technique can work on anybody, regardless of whether the receiver is in the same room as the user (or practitioner) or they are thousands of kilometers apart. Of course, my former disappointments in other modalities didn’t help much either. But I decided to give the Emotion Code a try anyway.

“After I released my very first trapped emotion, I had the feeling that I was on to something huge. What I experienced was consistent with what was described in the book, about emotions (and tears) coming to the surface out of nowhere, or the involuntary tension in my muscles, which would last for only a few seconds. I was delighted to notice that my perception of various memories would change after releasing a couple of related trapped emotions.

“To be honest, there are still problems in my life I haven’t been able to completely sort out yet–problems related to relationships, money, and my eyesight–and certain memories still bother me, even today. However, I remember from various spiritual teachers the idea that emotional healing is a process, not a single event, and it may take time to fully achieve what I want. I also realize that I had A LOT of unpleasant memories and repressed emotions.

“What motivates me to keep using the Emotion Code is what I’ve achieved in the past two years. The most apparent result is weight loss. Curiously, weight loss wasn’t in my top priorities, but it looks like my mind and body did consider it important enough to manifest this change. I remember my horror when I noticed my scale showing 83 kg and being unable to wear some of my jeans anymore in February of 2021. Then, after about a month, the scale showed less. Another month later, it showed even less. This gradual shift continued, and possibly continues even now! Today, as of the 27th of October 2022, I weigh 65 kg, which means I lost 18 kg in total thanks to the Emotion Code. I’m very pleased with how I look in the mirror and also being able to wear my old jeans again!

“I also used to sneeze a lot more than I do now and my running nose has completely stopped. I also have physical pain much less often. Before discovering the Emotion Code, I had toothache, headache, back pain, wrist pain, and pain that made me suspect I had hemorrhoids. On the rare occasion I do experience any of these now, they ALWAYS go away after releasing a few trapped emotions!

“I have a lot more energy and sleep better. In the past, no matter how much I slept, I would often feel tired throughout the day. I first noticed last year around March that I could focus perfectly well without having to drink coffee. Since then, there have been relapses that would last for up to several weeks, but this month, I don’t remember having drunk coffee at all, and I’ve been feeling full of energy. As for better sleep, it’s much easier to fall asleep now than it used to be.

“I feel more peaceful in my body as well. I used to feel shameful about virtually every part of myself and I didn’t like myself very much. Now I genuinely love and accept myself just the way I am. For probably the first time in my life, I feel passionate about some of my hobbies… I also feel a lot more hopeful about my future than before.

”I hope more and more people learn about it and integrate it into their everyday lives. I thank Dr. Brad and everyone who works for him for bringing more peace into this world, and I wish you all the best.”

~Zsolt S., Debrecen, Hungary

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