“In 2011, while I was working on my Emotion Code® certification, my husband and I were on holiday in Western Australia. While checking into a motel, a beautiful Australian Kelpie by the name of Mina stopped me with a frisbee in its mouth, telling me that it was playtime. So I threw the frisbee and Mina limped after it.

“When I told the owner that her dog was limping, she said, ‘”Yes, and has been for a few days. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.” With the permission from the owner, I immediately started my first session with a dog. I sat Mina in front of me and inquired what was wrong. It was a trapped emotion of anxiety. So I ran my magnet down her back and lo and behold, Mina had stopped limping. To make absolutely sure, we checked again the following morning, with both the owner and dog totally happy.

“Now I am used to these magical happenings, but at that time it actually threw me. I could hardly believe I had done it!” 🙂

~Helga Campbell, South Australia, Australia

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