“I just received this from a client:

“‘Nikki has been amazing! She helped my cat and me a great deal. We both suffered from extreme anxiety. After my first Emotion Code® session, I felt calmer and happier. I scheduled a few more sessions and I continued to make drastic improvements in my mood. I am much more relaxed now and most of my physical tension is gone.What is even better than my experience is how much it has helped my cat. I rescued my cat when she was a kitten. She was very fearful and had mood swings that caused her to attack and bite me. After a session, my cat has become calmer, more affectionate, and very playful. She still gets her mood swings, but she no longer attacks or bites me. She even started sitting on my lap and sleeping with me regularly. This has really changed our lives, and we are so much better off for it.'”

~Nikki Danby Twist, Nevada, USA

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