“A lady came to my wellness center with severe arm and rotator cuff pain. After three bodywork sessions, her pain was actually getting worse at times. Something made me ask her about her digestion and she commented that she had many months of constipation only going twice a week. When I asked her if she had any recent trauma, she said four family members had died separately in the last two years. At the end of her bodywork we used the Body Code™. We released three trapped emotions about her brother passing away and some internal organ balancing. When we spoke a week later, she said all of her arm and shoulder pain was gone and she was having daily bowel functions. A week later she was still good. I did not have any more follow ups with her.

“One more story please! A young mother brought her 6-month-old son in. Someone referred her as the doctors had said there was nothing they could do for the little guy. The mother said he was having terrible sleep, and pain with eating and digestion. I used the mom as a surrogate and we released four or five trapped emotions. It tested that the little guy was taking on the stress at home from his parents. Two weeks later, I spoke with the mother and the first night he slept all night and the next day his digestion was normal and has continued to be normal.”

~ Jimmy Adcock, Washington, USA

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