“I have had many success stories when doing Emotion Code® sessions with family and friends, but my biggest story that really put me ALL IN this work is when I released an inherited emotion on myself.

“I was having lower back un-comfort, and I wanted to see if this pain could go away. (I was still doing the video modules and course.) I got my good friend to do it on me while we were doing the course at the same time. When we did the Emotion Code, we found out it was an inherited emotion. The emotion came out to be helplessness going back 12 generations in the female line. We released the emotion.

“I called my mom right away to let her know about me releasing the inherited emotion and let her know that if she felt any discomfort in her stomach or spleen that it was okay and she might feel a light disturbance. When I got off the phone with her after doing the protocol, she called me back four hours later. She said, ‘Mikey, (in a very happy, light stated laughter), I went to the washroom six times in the last four hours. Is this okay?’ Laughing on the phone with me she was telling me, ‘Is what you’re doing real? I can’t believe this is actually working.’

“I let her know that it was all okay and this was completely normal. I explained to her that I released an inherited emotion that had been trapped in our bodies for 12 generations and that the energy was being released. We kept talking and she was very happy hearing what I was telling her, at the same time questioning it. It was awesome to have that moment with my mother!!

“Afterward, I was screaming in joy and shock of how this work is real and really, really works. This was during the beginning process of me in this course, so I was extremely excited to hear this from her and feel my lower back tightness release down a couple notches from where it was before. I found this story to be extremely beautiful and REAL! I love this work. I love this process and I can’t wait to keep going and diving deep. Thank you for introducing me to this work!!”

~Michael Spivak, Ontario, Canada

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