“My 10-year-old dog, Cody, was diagnosed with an intestinal disease, after about a 6-month period of unexplained diarrhea with occasional vomiting and resultant scary amount of weight loss. He was put on a canned food diet for the rest of his life, something intuitively I knew was wrong and would not be sufficient nourishment for him. But $4000 in tests later, the specialists said they would need to do more intrusive tests to determine what specific kind of intestinal disease it was. Meanwhile, I had had him on a very strict cooked diet of chicken and squash. I was beside myself with concern.

“That’s about when I was attending my first Emotion Code® seminar. Needless to say, I was propelled forward by Cody to keep going in my training. I know without a doubt that he was the catalyst for the work that I’m doing now. Once certified in the Body Code™, I was able to release a wide variety of imbalances, from food intolerances and allergies, to offensive energies (cording), mold to 94%(!!!), and spirit out of body. Today, Cody is a healthy, happy, energetic 11-year-old dog, back to his normal weight, and playing with his toys, his friends, and his pesky little “sister.” He is eating healthy kibble and I’m cooking a lot less (thankfully). I couldn’t be more grateful for Cody’s good health thanks to the Body Code™ and for his “push” for me to get onto this journey as a practitioner of the Emotion Code and the Body Code!”

~Pamela W., California, USA

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