“I stumbled across a YouTube video about the Emotion Code® the summer of 2018. I was a few months into the worst depression of my life. By that point I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed. For weeks I looked for a way to pull myself up and out of bed. I tried every home remedy I could think of as I refuse to take pharmaceuticals as a healing modality. I knew they wouldn’t fix the source of my emotional pain, just mask it. After praying and searching for a solution, the Emotion Code was a godsend.

“The Emotion Code shows you the process to pinpoint the trapped emotional energy that is causing you pain. Muscle testing and a chart system reveal the root of the trauma. By using a small magnet, Trapped Emotions are removed from your body. This process worked for me instantly! I have an energy healing background so I could actually feel my depressed emotions leaving my body. I felt my vibration raise instantly. I had been so weighed down by my depression that when I would clear a Trapped Emotion, I would get a bit dizzy as it made me feel so light on my toes.

“The first session I completed using the Emotion Code made me extremely tired, as energy work does, and I slept for a day straight, but the following day my depression was gone! It only took one session on myself to completely clear my depression 100% naturallyAll you need is an Emotion Code chart and a magnet! Genius! I have been a self-proclaimed marketer for Dr. Bradley Nelson’s work ever since my first session. I tell everyone to read “The Emotion Code” book and explain how easy and life changing it is!”

~ Candy R. Wiseman, Missouri, USA

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