“Dulce is a 16-year-old mare. We moved from the desert to a higher elevation four years ago and she did not adjust well. Two years ago she started having bouts of colic where she would be in tremendous pain. A couple times her whole body was shaking but by the time the vet got there, she would be better. These incidents gradually became more and more frequent until they were happening a couple times a month. The vet said it could be gas colic or ulcers. Testing was very expensive and we would have needed to travel pretty far, so we had been trying alternative remedies for gas colic and ulcers. They were not working…

“I honestly thought that my mare was going to die. She had lost a lot of weight and her anxiety levels were increasing. She had two Emotion Code® sessions and she has not had any colic episodes since that first session, almost a year now! I am so grateful for this work, I truly believe it saved my horse’s life.”

~Debbie Barcon, Arizona, USA

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